Sunday, December 27, 2009

First past the post...

Can't you see by my witty opening how good my blog is going to be?

Hmmm. Anyway. I had a chicken roll for lunch today. I bought half a chicken from Safeway. It was a Garlic and Chilli marinated number. I also purchased a small tub of coleslaw and two wholegrain rolls.


Quite good. The chicken was not overly garlic or chillified. However as with most major supermarket chain chickens, there was a texture about the meat that, while edible and slightly sexy, does hold you up just ever so briefly when you pull it off the bone. It seems more steamed than roasted. Yeah that is probably it. All fine - just not what you might expect. Like going to bed with Dolly Parton I would imagine. The coleslaw was good. Hard to bugger up really. Rolls fine too. Went wholegrain to try and be healthier.

All in all hard to go wrong. You're never trying to reach any great heights when you "do it yourself" but you also know you won't be disappointed.

6 out of 10.

By the way - do you reckon if you had sex with Dolly Parton she would sing in bed whilst you were on the job?

See you soon.