Monday, January 4, 2010

I was down the coast at my brother's holiday house. My sister-in-law asked me to buy some chicken and some rolls. Are you sure...

I bought a whole chicken and a half chicken. It is actually not as easy as you think. Do you say "a chicken and a half" or " a whole chicken thanks, and another half of one chicken. Thanks".

It sounds a little more clumsy - but I prefer to be clear - so I ran with the latter. Strangely the woman serving me repeated everything I said. So as to clarify it for herself. I am pretty sure she won't ever read this blog. But I am sure if she did she would agree WHOLEheartedly with my choice.

However to the chicken. It was cooked. Yes. But probably undercooked in as healthy a way as possible for a chicken. I am not sure about the quality of the oven they were using in hindsight. It lacked skin effect. Not crispy and seemed stretched. However it depends on what you want. Normally "stretching" means the chicken has not been "pricked" and therefore it has retained its moisture. Good and bad. If they have been forced, due to oven issues, to make a choice between maximising moisture and sacrificing skin crispiness - I have to agree with the lean towards moisture. In hindsight one did not know what type of oven they are running - so 'tis a dangerous game to assume. Let's be honest though - it is a blog on chicken rolls. So we can grant a little leverage one would think.

To the roll...which was again a do-it-yourselfer...

Brumby's wholegrain roll. Bread "spreaded" with Avocado, peppered from on high and then chicken added. I then garnished with a chilled tomato and a Chilli Aioli.

Considering my last homemade was a 6 out 10 I have to give this roll a 7. The chicken WAS better than the Coles uber market offering. But what got it over the line and into seven country was the Chilli Aioli and the chilled tomato for a refreshing, added burst of moisture.

Make no mistake - Chicken on its own makes for a lovely friend. But when that friend takes you out each night and introduces you to it's sexy new friend Chilli Aioli - you can't but help be impressed.

Add to that a bed of chilled tomato and it is fair to say my new year got off to a bang.

As they say.

Keep rolling...

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